Mercury reduction at stainless steel EAF Outokumpu stainless Oy - Tornio

EAF - Finland

By introducing Sorbacal® Micro 2135, Outokumpu reduced the emission of Hg by 70-90%. By using Sorbacal® Micro 2135 the ATEX classification was removed which also lead to easier handling and logistics. Technical support from Lhoist was present thoughout the entire project. Outokumpu Tornio in Finland produces 1.6 million tonnes of stainless steel per year.

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Minimizing mercury emissions by optimizing the sorbent composition

Waste Incinerator - Germany

A municipal waste incinerator equipped with a wet scrubber and a policing filter for the removal of micropollutants wanted to further minimize its Hg-emissions preferably by changing the composition of the current adsorbent. Discover how the customer could reach this target by using a tailor made Sorbacal® Micro product adapted to meet this specific requirement.

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Ince BioPower – Dioxin removal using a lime and mineral blend without activated carbon

Waste wood Biomass to Energy - UK

Ince BioPower is a waste wood burning plant that experienced problems with the installed carbon dosing system. Lhoist were consulted and Sorbacal® Micro blends have been used successfully to mitigate the carbon dosing system issues whilst retaining emission limits, consumption expectations and overall plant performance.

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Mercury abatement on a coal combustion plant with Sorbacal® Micro sorbents

CPP - Czech Republic

A Czech large coal combustion plant (>300 MWe) decided to co-operate with Lhoist to optimize their mercury capture. During trials with different sorbents injected into the duct in front of the fabric filter, the best efficiency was found with the use of Sorbacal® Micro 6375. The targeted emission limit of 7 μg/Nm3 was met.

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Removing micro-pollutants without risk of sorbent combustion

Waste incinerator - Europe

European air regulations not only limit emissions of acid pollutants and dust. They also restrict micro-pollutants. Research by the Lhoist R&D Center led to the development of a mineral non-flammable adsorbent substitute for carbon-based products. It removes micro-pollutants, including dioxins, furans and volatile heavy metals much more safely, and across a far wider range of treatment conditions.

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HCl and mercury control with a low-cost DSI solution

Industrial boiler - USA

When incremental mercury control is a concern, a customized Sorbacal® Micro blend containing both an enhanced hydrated lime and activated carbon can be an economical approach, as it reduces the need for two separate injection systems. Read how our customized Sorbacal® Micro blend enabled the removal of over 95% of HCl and more than 80% of mercury at low feed rates. 

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Removing acid gas and micro-pollutants in a secondary smelter

Aluminum smelter - France

Discover how a customized Sorbacal® Micro blend enabled the removal of acid gases and micro-pollutants in the aluminum industry. A ready-to-use sorbent, it only requires a single storage and feed solution. This significantly reduced costs for the customer.

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