Improving customer process flexibility and FGT performance with Sorbacal® CDS

Steel-Sintering - Austria

Voestalpine Stahl Donawitz operates four efficient CDS units at their sinter plant with typical recirculating moisture content (6 wt%). They were keen to evaluate Lhoist innovative Sorbacal CDS® sorbent with improved flowability. Discover the additional benefits achieved with up to 15 wt% residue moisture content.

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Sorbacal® CDS : Added values at sludge incinerator of water treatment plant

Sludge incinerator - Denmark

Biofos Lynetten is a Danish water treatment plant which incinerates its residual sludge. BIOFOS had some difficulties with their FGT process which lead to heavy operational costs. Discover how Sorbacal® CDS allowed BIOFOS to re-balance their overall FGT system and secure reliable operations and lower maintenance costs.

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Dry process SOx removal with five times less sorbent consumption

Brick Factory - Belgium

A brick factory in Belgium faced an emissions problem regarding SO2, SO3 and to a lesser extent HCl and HF. The customer wanted a complete solution that would meet current and future standards. Lhoist set up an on-site test program that ran three months. Read how Sorbacal® SP was by far the best of the sorbents tested, with up to five times less consumption.

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Optimizing SO2 removal by boosting a semi-dry system

Power plant - Poland

Due to stronger regulations on acid gas emissions, particularly SO2, the site management recognized that the efficiency of the plant’s flue gas treatment process needed to be significantly improved. Read how the existing facilities were upgraded both in terms of reliability and efficiency, without expensive investment in new wet FGT process equipment.

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Selective removal of SO2 by furnace sorbent injection

Industrial waste incinerator - Belgium

Discover how the dry injection of Sorbacal® SP together with a supplementary injection at ultra-high temperature have not only selectively removed SO2, but also considerably reduced total sorbent usage.

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Anticipating future emission limits by improving FGT performance

Cement plant - France

The customer asked Lhoist to install a permanent Sorbacal® SP facility, from storage to injection. It was both environmentally advanced and adapted to the plant’s installation constraints. Collaboration continued as Lhoist and the client explored further treatments for future micro-pollutants regulations. Discover more about our customized services for this customer.

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Substituting sodium bicarbonate with Sorbacal® SP dry injection for SO2 removal

Municipal waste treatment plant - France

The site operators wanted to reduce acid gas emission levels significantly below regulatory limits, particularly for SO2. The trial confirmed that the Lhoist package comprising a Sorbacal® Injecto-Matic and Sorbacal® SP met the operators’ stringent emission targets.  Read how the results pointed to significant operating cost savings once conditions could be optimized. 

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Improvement of SO2 and HCl emission control performance by using a dry process

Biomass power plant - Germany

The customer observed that emission levels of SO2 and HCl were gradually increasing. Furthermore, they realized that at times their flue gas cleaning system would reach its technical limits due to variations in flue gas composition. Discover the results of our proposal regarding the dosing technology, control parameters and operating conditions of the fabric filter by using Sorbacal® SP.

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Enhanced and selective removal of SO2 by means of UHT Sorbacal® SPS injection

Waste incinerator - France

For this incinerator, Sorbacal® SPS helped control SO2 emissions while limiting consumption of sorbent upstream of the plant’s baghouse. Read how in addition to this direct economic benefit, the customer could easily accommodate more than 35% of ordinary industrial waste.

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Acid gas and selenium removal: high performing emissions reduction with Sorbacal® SPS

Glass plant - Europe

A flat glass production plant used two different sorbents that required special care for storing and recycling the residue. Read how Sorbacal® SPS answered the customer’s need for a high-performing emissions reduction solution that greatly simplified operations and supply management. 

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Reducing SO2 emissions by over 80% using a combined process with Sorbacal® SP

Municipal solid waste incinerator - Europe

The incinerator faced the challenge of reducing SO2 concentrations to below the emission limit values. Read how the site succeeded in cutting its previous SO2 emissions by a factor of more than five through adding only 20-25% of Sorbacal® SP to the total hydrated lime dosed during the process.

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Lower acid gas concentrations with simplified and more cost effective utilities management

Liquid waste incinerator - France

New emissions regulations required the implementation of a flue gas treatment process for dust recovery and acid gas neutralization at the customer’s plant. Lhoist was asked to identify the most suitable sorbent for a dry processing system. Read the details about the desulfurization and dechlorination performance of Sorbacal® SP, even in the most demanding operating conditions.

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Dry sorbent injection for better HCl and SO2 control

Multinational cement company - USA

Our flue gas treatment team conducted trials comparing standard hydrated lime with Sorbacal® SP, an enhanced hydrated lime designed for emission control applications. Sorbacal® SP outperformed standard hydrated lime in every trial case. Discover why a DSI using hydrated lime was the most effective solution.

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Combined process with Sorbacal® to reduce emissions and lower costs

Waste incinerator - France

A plant equipped with semi-wet acid gas purification processes supplied with a lime slurry feed needed to reduce pollutant levels. Discover how a Lhoist trial demonstrated the effectiveness of Sorbacal® SP sorbent, and how the proportion of waste incinerated was able to rise with full ELV compliance.

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