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Sorbacal® and Minsorb® are specific trademarks for flue gas treatment (FGT). Our sorbents offer excellent results for a wide variety of industries using various processes and types of fuel: from coal to biomass and refuse-derived fuel (RDF).

Sorbacal® MICRO

Tailor-made blends of calcic, carbon and mineral sorbents

 Lhoist supplies tailor-made blends based on the amount of each micropollutant (and possibly acidic gases) in the flue gas to be treated, as well as the process conditions.

Our market-leading hydrated lime products Sorbacal® SP and SPS can in particular be blended with high quality additives such as activated carbon, lignite coke and mineral sorbents. Such a blend enables both acid-gas pollutants and micropollutants to be captured with one sorbent in a single DSI system. In addition, blending with a calcium sorbent mitigates the risk that the activated carbon powder will combust or explode.

Blends can be tailored to your plant operation specifications.

Others: H3PO4, HBr, organic pollutants like PCBs, HAPs and/or odors

Sorbacal® G

Granular calcic reagent for packed bed absorber

Sorbacal® G is a synthetic, granular calcic reagent composed of calcium carbonate and hydrate. Especially designed for packed bed absorbers, it is mostly used in the neutralization of HF, SO2, SO3 and HCl.

Others: H3PO4, HBr


Sorbacal® C

Crushed and milled high-purity limestone

Sorbacal® C is a limestone, calcium carbonate (CaCO3) range of ground and milled, high-purity products supplied in different particle size distributions (PSDs). We have the expertise to deliver the optimal PSD: from granular for packed bed absorbers (PBA) to granules for circulating fluidized boilers (CFB), and from fine to superfine particles for wet scrubber and dry injection systems.

Combined with very efficient logistics solutions, Sorbacal® C is a cost-effective limestone sorbent for limestone forced oxidation (LSFO) wet scrubbers, circulating or fluidized bed boilers (CFB/FBB), and packed bed absorbers. In addition, its purity and high whiteness make gypsum by-products more valuable.

Others: H3PO4, HBr

Sorbacal® SL

Ready-to-use milk of lime

Sorbacal® SL is a ready-to-use milk of lime product (also called lime slurry or lime milk) used for semi-dry/wet or spray dry absorber processes, as well as small wet FGT units.

Sorbacal® SL is composed of 5-50% of Ca(OH)2 suspended in water. The quality and reactivity of milk of lime depend on the characteristics of the lime and water quality (chemical composition, temperature, particle size), as well as the slaking conditions.

Ready for use, Sorbacal® SL reduces the uncertainty and operational complexity of on-site slaking. The carefully controlled manufacturing conditions ensure constant high quality.

Others: H3PO4, HBr

Sorbacal® Q

High-quality quicklime in different particle-size distributions

Sorbacal® Q quicklime, or calcium oxide (CaO), is widely used in a large variety of flue gas desulfurization (FGD) processes. The milled product is supplied in different particle-size distributions (PSD) varying from pebble to very fine powder (0-90 µm), with a minimum of typically 92% available CaO as measured with the EN 459 method.

Sorbacal® Q is used to produce milk of lime and hydrated lime for spray dryer absorber (SDA), circulating dry scrubber (CDS) and wet FGD systems. The quality and reactivity of milk of lime depend on the characteristics of the lime and water quality (chemical composition, temperature, particle size), as well as the slaking conditions.

Sorbacal® Q enables milk of lime preparation with a fine particle size, making it more reactive than standard quicklimes.

Others: H3PO4, HBr

Sorbacal® CDS

Enhanced Flowability in CDS systems

Sorbacal® CDS is an innovative sorbent developed specifically for circulating dry scrubber systems. It has been specifically formulated to have better flowability and is able to handle more than double the water content compared to standard hydrates. This unique feature of enabling operation at increased residue water content leads to a diverse range of benefits in CDS systems.

Ideally suited for all circulating dry scrubber designs and industrial processes.

FGT Processes

Sorbacal® H

Premium grade hydrated lime

Sorbacal® H is a hydrated lime or calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2) of high quality for emission control applications. Compared to standard hydrates, it has a higher specific surface area of typically 15-22 m²/g (BET), as well as a porous volume of typically 0.08 cm³/g (BJH). Both enhance acid gas capture.

A white, dry, ready-to-use powder, Sorbacal® H is used directly in dry processes, as well as for producing lime slurry (milk of lime) for semi-wet processes.

Others: H3PO4, HBr

Sorbacal® SPS

Activated, highly-porous hydrated lime with best-in-class performance

Standard hydrated lime

Sorbacal® SPS

Sorbacal® SPS is an activated enhanced hydrated lime with the highest acid gas removal performances. It was developed especially for removing acid gas pollutants using dry or combined processes. Sorbacal® SPS has a specific surface area of typically 40 m²/g (BET) and a porous volume of typically 0.20 cm³/g (BJH). The particle size of Sorbacal® SPS is designed for optimal reactivity, flow ability and handling.

This dry, white, ready-to-use powder meets high SO2 removal demands. Sorbacal® SPS has the same physical and chemical characteristics as Sorbacal® SP, but is activated at the time of production to improve performance. Also, like Sorbacal® SP, it does not require prior milling and is applicable for a very wide temperature range between 50-900 °C. Sorbacal® SPS has an improved electrical resistivity making it compatible with electrostatic precipitators.

Others: H3PO4, HBr

Sorbacal® SP

Highly porous hydrated lime with strong removal performance

Standard hydrated lime

Sorbacal® SP

Sorbacal SP ® is an enhanced hydrated lime especially designed for DSI applications. Its specific surface area of typically 40 m2/g (BET) is two times higher than standard hydrated lime, and its porous volume is typically 0.20 cm³/g (BJH), compared to 0.08 cm³/g for standard hydrated lime. These qualities make the material significantly more effective for acid gas removal than standard hydrates. The particle size of Sorbacal® SP is designed for optimal reactivity, flow ability and handling.

A flagship product with a long history of industrial application, Sorbacal® SP is a dry, white, ready-to-use powder. Therefore, no milling or preparation is required before injection. It is ideally suited for all kinds of industrial processes, including incinerators and biomass-fueled power plants, as well as a growing number of new FGT applications in the cement and glass industries.

Others: H3PO4, HBr​

Sorbacal® A

High surface area, extra-fine hydrated lime

Sorbacal® A is a hydrated lime or calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2). It is characterized by a high specific surface area of typically 35 m²/g (BET), a porous volume of typically 0.12 cm³/g (BJH) and more specifically a very fine particle size distribution (average diameter of 2 – 3 µm). A unique production process results in improved flow behavior. This makes Sorbacal® A the product of choice for all FGT applications requiring good sorbent dispersion, such as an ESP dry process at 300-350°C, or furnace sorbent injection (FSI) at temperatures of 850-950 °C.

Autres : H3PO4, HBr

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