Flue gas treatment


Minsorb® Dx is the 100% mineral solution to remove gaseous organic pollutants in dry flue gas treatment:

- Dioxins & furans (PCDD/PCDF), PCB and PAH
- Odours


Minsorb® Dx is a specially selected phyllosilicate (layered mineral), sourced from European deposits and processed in our plants. Minsorb® Dx is nonflammable and non-combustible. It is a beige, fine and dry powder.

Minsorb® Dx achieves comparable performances to classical carbon-based sorbents while preventing the creation of red spots or fires starts in bag house filters as well as in residue silos.




In addition, it enables performing flue gas treatment at higher temperatures than usually authorized.

Another advantage of Minsorb® Dx is the absence of carbon content in treatment residues.

All these elements make Minsorb® Dx the alternative to carbon-based adsorbents.

Processes: Dry and Combined Processes


The 100% Mineral Alternative for organic micropollutants Removal

Minsorb® is the 100% mineral alternative for micropollutants removal in dry flue gas treatment



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